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Hello! We are Utopia Creations!

Choose a marketing solution that is as unique as you are! At Utopia Creations we are passionate about face to face marketing and believe great results are born from personalisation and positivity. Our aim is to deliver campaigns that get people talking, and inspire action. Every campaign we create is 100% bespoke as we believe that there is no one size fits all approach to marketing. If you’re looking for a creative, focused and fun marketing company, look no further than Utopia Creations!

There are two things that lead to success - passion and people!

Utopia Creations

Great relationships are built from shared values!

Utopia Creations

Unlike mass marketing solutions; our approach is targeted, meaning we can get you more engagement!

Utopia Creations

Direct Marketing

Spice up your brand with our direct marketing services! At Utopia Creations we believe there are two things that lead to successful marketing strategies for our clients, passion and people. Our friendly, motivated sales forces are on hand to meet with customers directly and deliver an unforgettable brand experience full of personality. With an unrelenting passion for customer service, they have the skills to go above and beyond and make your customers smile, and keep them coming back to your brand!


Brand Management

It’s your brand’s time to shine! We will take the time to learn what makes your brand brilliant and ensure these qualities are promoted throughout our campaigns. Great relationships are built from shared values and at Utopia Creations we won’t rest until we have located the ideal audience for your brand message. We will ensure your brand is well looked after by our network of marketing professionals who will be managing every aspect of your personalised campaign.


Customer Acquisition

Find the perfect fit! We believe your brand deserves the best, which is why we work hard to seek out quality customers. When it comes to marketing your products or services, quality is key so we won’t market to just anyone. Unlike mass marketing solutions; our approach is targeted, meaning we can get you more engagement and more sales and help you future proof your brand. We drive quality through our marketing solution which allows us to test markets until we find a market suitable for your needs.


Campaign Management

Sit back, relax! At Utopia Creations we know it takes a lot to keep your brand at its best which is why we are committed to managing your marketing and giving you one less thing to worry about. From creation to launch to management, we have the skills and expertise to keep your campaign on top form and generate great results. We’ll even keep you updated every step of the way with weekly, monthly or quarterly reports as you request them. You’ll never be out of the loop with Utopia Creations.