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Is the UK Heading Towards a Stress Epidemic? Utopia Creations investigates


Sales and marketing firm Utopia Creations is worried that the way UK professionals handle stress could be leading to missed opportunities. The company has shared their tips on how they help their workforce navigate the hectic sales and marketing industry, and ensure they are on track for success.  

Utopia Creations, specialise in a unique form of direct marketing.  The company connects with customers directly to build brand loyalty and drive sales.  By creating campaigns that are 100% bespoke, bringing in a creative and focused approach to customer interaction, Utopia Creations are bringing fun and engagement back into marketing.  

Utopia Creations acknowledge that the fast pace and essential targets of the industry could be too much for some if they are not readily prepared. But for individuals with tremendous drive and a willingness to learn, the opportunities within the industry could be endless and life-changing.  

A recent study into stress in the workplace indicated how people’s perceptions of other peoples stress could be skewed, having a direct impact the progression and wellbeing of others.  

The study by Tel Aviv University found that individuals often project their own experiences with stress onto colleagues, which can cause miscommunication and therefore, missed opportunities for progression. The study highlighted that a psychological mindset could determine how other people are judged and whether stress is perceived in a positive or negative light. 

Utopia Creations tackles this risk of miscommunication and workplace stress by regularly having one on ones with contractors to understand how they are feeling and to help them with their progress towards goals and challenges. The company also offer mentoring to ensure each can reach their full potential. By having strategies in place to avoid stress in the workplace, Utopia Creations believes that no opportunities are missed and that if a person has the correct mindset and ambition, the chances of success within the sales and marketing industry are endless.  


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