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Utopia Creations is Redefining Marketing in the Run-Up to Christmas

As a company on the forefront of the customer satisfaction, sales and marketing firm Utopia Creations has released a statement on how it is redefining marketing in the run-up to Christmas.  

It is becoming increasingly clear that successful marketing is now centred around the customer experience, delivering a winning customer experience requires a move away from a ‘business as usual’ approach and geared more towards a new organisational mindset, which puts the customer at the centre of the businesses.  

There’s much debate within companies about who controls the overall customer experience. The sales team thinks they are responsible for the customer experience, while the customer service team thinks they are in charge as well as marketing also believing that it’s theirs to own. New research concussed by Salesforce finds that nearly 65 percent of marketing leaders say their team is leading customer experience initiatives across the business. Among those higher performing marketers, the figure has risen to 89 percent.  

Customers want more from their marketing experiences; they expect companies to anticipate their needs and proactively cater to them. The balance between sales and marketing are not seen as doing enough for today’s customers, in particular with the ease in which they can switch between brands. It is understood that more than half of them have an overly aggressive expectation from brands: by 2020, consumers are now expecting companies to anticipate their needs and to go all out in proactively catering specifically for them. 

Utopia Creations are passionate about face-to-face marketing and believe great results are born from personalisation and positivity. They aim to deliver campaigns that get people talking, and inspire action. Every campaign created is 100 percent bespoke and believe that there is no one size fits all approach to marketing. With the lead up to Christmas, in particular, it is crucial that every brand is going that extra step to create an experience that is going to create a buzz with consumers and make them think: Why would I go anywhere else?  

Leeds-based Utopia Creations specialise in a unique form of direct marketing that focuses on direct, in-person communications to acquire new customers, build brand loyalty, and create sustainable and long-term consumer relationships for their client’s business.  

Utopia Creations bring fun and consumer engagement levels back into marketing; the face-to-face marketing techniques, drastically improve the customer buying experience and help their clients gain back the trust and loyalty of their customers.