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Utopia Creations discuss gender role myths in recent statement

Led by successful entrepreneur Rebecca Haigh, Utopia Creations is committed to pushing boundaries and offering opportunities to all. The firm recently responded to a study into whether gender impacts a person’s attraction to risk.   

Utopia Creations is the Leeds based outsourced sales and marketing firm that focuses their campaigns on personalisation and positivity. The company has a strong focus on helping young professionals in the industry to grow and develop their entrepreneurial skills, proving them with lessons to ensure they become the most effective industry leaders they can.  

Utopia Creations details how the route of entrepreneurship requires taking many risks throughout a career, the importance of leaving comfort zones proves vital in learning practical skills along the way that can be proactively applied in the future.  

It has long been an industry myth that the male gender is more inclined to take risks within the workplace, yet Utopia Creations is keen to dispel this gender role stereotype. Recent research has found that of those women surveyed, many considered themselves to be just as larger risk takers as their male counterparts across a variety of tasks and industries.  

Researchers found that including a new range of risk-taking behaviours into the equation, women were more inclined to describe themselves in such a way. This ground-breaking research Utopia Creations believe is the first step in a long battle for gender equality, including pay gaps, politics and those in leadership positions.  

Utopia Creations agree with the results found by researchers, in not only this but a continuing variety of studies. Managing Director, Rebecca Haigh describes herself as a physical representation of the research, having taken many risks throughout her career to solidify her position as a managing director. Utopia Creations is keen to encourage all of its contractors, of both genders, to become comfortable with risk-taking to build professional success.  

Utopia Creations is the Leeds based outsourced sales and marketing firm that has an active business development programme in place for their contractors. The company is eager to provide the skills for self-development and leadership training within the industry.  


Source: http://www.techtimes.com/articles/214152/20171008/study-finds-women-to-be-just-as-risk-taking-as-men.htm