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In an interview, the first minute is CRUCIAL states Utopia Creations

In response to a recent study, sales and marketing firm Utopia Creations has spoken on why everyone should aim to make an instant positive impression in the business world.  

A new study by job site Total jobs has revealed that one in five employers often make their minds up about a candidate within the first minute of an interview. The research shows just how important first impressions are.  

Two out of five of the 150 employers that participated said they make their decision on an interviewee within the first fifteen minutes of an interview, with only a third waiting for the end of the meeting.  

The study highlights the apparent importance of having a great first impression. In a highly competitive environment such as sales and direct marketing, first impressions in the workplace and with potential customers can often shape long-term reputations and perceptions. Salespeople will have between four and 30 seconds to make a first impression on prospective clients that will compel them to want to engage. Employers are well aware of this so if candidates can provide a good account of themselves within the first few minutes of meeting potential bosses, how can these employers see them doing much out in the field.  

Utopia Creations found this to be a sobering observation. Almost all companies have a limited number of prospects they can bring on board and therefore can ill afford to be bringing on individuals that won’t make a strong impression with clients and ends up in a prospect taking their business to a competitor. So it in the sales manager best interest to make sure reps are calm, confident and adequately prepared to make favourable calls and the right reps are on the sales team.  

Some common issues don’t portray candidates in the best of lights during the initial stages of the interview process. Some of the biggest mistakes made by the candidates include not have a strong grasp and understand the job they have applied for, and its understood many candidates don’t take enough time when reading through job specs. In addition to that, alarmingly many do not spend any time researching the company they are being interviewed by.  

Further issues include candidates being late to the interview (actually very common). Interviewees need to remember that they’re being interviewed on a potential employers time if they’re running behind schedule common courtesy to phone ahead shows a proactive and polite manner. Some candidates also are unable to discuss their CV, many of whom have potentially only read theirs once and haven’t considered how to argue how their skill set would be good for the role they’ve applied for.  

Utopia Creations believe that a good first impression is an important factor when professionals are looking to get their foot into the door and are now encouraging their candidates to adopt this strategy to help them forge their path to success.