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Utopia Creations Agrees with Shock Results of Customer Communication Study

After a recent survey revealed the true state of customer service and a misalignment between what businesses and their customers think of their communications, Utopia Creations has spoken out in support of the findings.

Leeds-based Utopia Creations specialise in a unique form of direct marketing that focuses on direct, in-person communications to acquire new customers, build brand loyalty, and create sustainable and long-term consumer relationships for their client’s business. Utopia Creations bring fun and consumer engagement levels back into marketing; the face-to-face marketing techniques, drastically improve the customer buying experience and help their clients gain back the trust and loyalty of their customers.

Twilio has released a worry report that highlights how businesses are not communicating with their customers as well as they think they are. The study exposed that the majority of consumers are very unhappy with how businesses are communicating with them. Customers have indicated that companies need to ensure their communication is responsive, relevant and on the individual customer’s preferred channel to regain customer satisfaction.

The key findings of the report found that 94% of businesses claim their customers are satisfied with the responsiveness of their communications, yet 96% of consumers who were asked the same, disagreed with how their communications were met. Unfortunately, many companies aren’t delivering the expected communication experience that a customer regards as standard in today’s market. 28% of UK companies report that they do not know what channels their customers prefer to communicate on, which is concerning stated Utopia Creations.

Utopia Creations believes these findings to indicate that brands need to take more opportunities to speak directly and in-person to their customers. When communications are conducted face-to-face, a more in-depth understanding of customer needs can be met, questions can be answered there and then, and an overall better buying experience is achieved. Customer’s today like to have their voices heard and to know that a brand is listening to them; which can easily be reached through in-person marketing.

Utopia Creations are able to help businesses looking to get back control of the communication with their customers.  For further information on the services provided to brands, please visit their website:



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