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Utopia Creations Share Success with a Visit Stateside

Utopia Creations have recently confirmed that one of their brightest young professionals will be jetting off to America, to further her success and learn from the best in the sector. The young professional in question started out in the sales and marketing industry two years ago, and now at the age of 21 is preparing to take over the company’s growth process. This new role involves advertising new opportunities, building the workforce and seeking out people who are a good fit for the company.

With this new role in mind, Utopia Creations have sent her to New York in the hopes that upon her return she will be fully equipped to take on this new role. During her 10-day trip, she will be working alongside some of the best sales and marketing entrepreneurs in the business.  This excursion is all part of Utopia Creations business development programme, which offers a course of mentorship for all its contractors. Those who are successful with the programme and want to progress within the industry are often rewarded with an international networking opportunity in order to boost their motivation.  However, while this trip is a “reward” it must is also being considered by Utopia as an opportunity for the young professional to her business skills.

Utopia Creations believes that New York is an ideal place for young professionals to visit. The MD recently stated “the networking that took place in New York, inspired me to climb the ladder within the sales and marketing industry”. The city itself is a hub of business activity containing the world’s largest central business district, generating an enormous $1.36 trillion dollars in GDP in 2012. Utopia Creations believe that it is, therefore, the perfect place to send their ambitious young professionals for the perfect education in business and the culture surrounding it.


About the Firm

Based in Leeds, Utopia Creations are a sales and marketing firm, that aims to bring fun and creativity back into the industry. They offer sales campaigns that get people talking and inspire action. Each campaign they create is 100% bespoke, as they believe that no one size fits all in marketing. Through consultation, campaign testing and campaign management they offer a guaranteed ROI for their high profile clients.

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