Monday – Saturday 8.00 am – 6.00 pm,
Utopia Creations host tutorial explaining the key traits for masterful Leadership

Leeds-based sales and marketing experts, Utopia Creations believe that a solid leadership foundation is what makes the difference between successful and unsuccessful individuals and companies.

Utopia Creations has substantial goals for 2017, so the Managing Director decided that the firm would host a tutorial to help the firm’s recent talent acquisitions develop their leadership skills. By hosting the tutorial to assist their staff and contractors to master the art of leadership, Utopia Creations believe that recruits will be able to find some helpful tips to drive them within the company.

During the session, Utopia Creations outlined some of the qualities that they believe makes for successful leadership:

Stay true to your vision – A leader balances two opposing skills, external sensing and internal conviction. Be sharply sensitive to external cues from customers, employees and competitors. But do have the mental conviction to push a vision, even if it’s not popular. Navigate between the two modes.

Communicate clearly and often – A great leader regularly communicates the organisational goals and big ideas to their team. They often clear obstacles so their team can work efficiently. Making sure that everyone can move in the same direction is more important than it has ever been in the organisational structure of companies today.  Utopia Creations believe that professionals should repeat their ideas regularly as it is not something that everyone will understand on first hearing.

Make yourself, and those around you, better – Some leaders conduct daily motivational training to improve their skills, others monthly. However, whether the style that should be adopted, should be that regular. By sending team members to training workshops, conferences or relevant articles that could act as a motivational booster, the members will be able to transform their personal lives and thus bring value to others and the company itself. When a leader improves the state of their workforce, everything improves around them too.

Keep the people around passionate – Passion is a strong yet often understated attribute of a great leader. It is essential for a leader to engage and provide drive to the people around them. It is quite typical for many companies, for employees to simply turn up and perform their tasks with little enthusiasm. A leader is responsible for empowering their people and give them a sense of purpose in their work and lives. In business, people are the greatest asset – motivate the workforce and a leader will be able to harness their team’s collective strengths.

Utopia Creations is a sales and marketing solutions to help brands thrive through the bespoke services offered such as Direct Marketing, Brand Management, Customer acquisition and Campaign management. Their philosophy stems from the idea that great results follow from personalised campaigns, positivity and aim to deliver campaigns that inspire people to start talking and act.

Leadership is a focal point for their development program and Utopia Creations are committed to creating strong leaders in-house and push their workforce to achieve at the very top of their game to take their career to the next level.

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