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Utopia Creations investigate Foundations of Success

Leeds-based sales and marketing consultancy Utopia Creations are passionate about face to face marketing and believe great results are born from personalisation and positivity. Recently, the firm ran a workshop on the foundations of success.

According to Utopia Creations, the biggest difference between those who succeed and those who don’t is in their mindset. It’s a small thing that makes a big difference and is the primary catalyst driving feelings of self-worth, competence and confidence. Make no mistake, says the firm, the most successful people have the best outlook.

The agency has outlined five elements which might help one to develop a successful mindset. The first is self-talk; the conversations one has with themselves are the most important. As CEO Rebecca Haigh outlines, “We talk to ourselves all day, every day. Eventually, all that robust data adds up to create our individual self-concepts. Be careful what you say to yourself. Plant seeds of positivity and inspiration, rather than criticism and doubt.”

Secondly, it’s important to remember that intentions set the tone for how skilfully one navigates personal and professional success. It’s vital to think bigger and push past one’s comfort zone. Get comfortable being uncomfortable, because that’s where the real growth happens. As Miss Haigh states, “Setting your sights high and believing in the most remarkable outcomes you can attain changes the way you show up in the world. No one has ever regretted embracing the power to think big.”

When it comes to success, world-renowned psychologist Angela Duckworth says, “Talent counts, but effort counts twice.” Got grit? If not, know this: Both passion and perseverance are vital to one’s long-term success. Experiencing initial excitement when deciding to pursue a New Year’s resolution is quite common. Less common and far more challenging is the sustained focus and drive—throughout extended periods of time—needed to achieve it. Grit helps people push past the desire to give up, especially when things get rough. Fortunately, it can be learned and continually developed over time.

Finally, declaring a goal, without more, will do little to ensure its success. Only substance and structure will successfully ignite and move it forward. Utopia Creations recommend chunking a goal into smaller segments to organise it, making it more manageable. Then they suggest creating a strategic plan with scheduled activities and outcomes that will help to assure its success. Notice what works and be proactive about tweaking key elements where necessary. Be open to feedback and embrace innovation along the way.

People are at the heart of what Utopia Creations do. The firm thinks of themselves as a community of positive individuals who share a zest for life and a desire to succeed.  Unlike many corporate counterparts, they look past qualifications and experience and focus on what matters – talent, commitment and ambition. Their business development opportunities offer people the chance to gain new skills and lay the foundations for a bright future.

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