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Utopia Creations investigate lessons in marketing from April the Giraffe

There is a lot to learn from New York’s most famous Mum-to-be and viral superstar, April the Giraffe. Utopia Creations has been examining the marketing lessons from this viral sensation.

April the Giraffe, the pregnant Animal Adventure Park resident has become the subject of a global fascination since her caretakers set up a live-stream direct from her stable. A marketing storm has been stirred up as millions of animal lovers around the world tune in, patiently waiting for April to give birth.

While sales and marketing specialists, Utopia Creations, may be based in the UK, this publicity stunt has not gone unnoticed by them. The firm, who provide uniquely personalised marketing solutions for a diverse client base, have enjoyed watching this remarkable viral story unfold, and believe it proves just how powerful strategic marketing can be.

When the zoo launched a live-stream of the 15-year-old giraffe at the end of February, the number of people tuning in climbed to 30 million within the first week. Even a few weeks later, roughly 100,000 people appear to be tuning into YouTube to check on her progress. The beauty of this marketing stunt is the fact April’s home, Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York, is not even open to the public yet.

Utopia Creations, who take inspiration from all kinds of places is often inspired by weird and wonderful PR campaigns. The firm has been taking note of the marketing at play in New York. Here they have released the lessons they believe can be taken from this well-executed marketing plan.

  1. Your ordinary is someone else’s extraordinary.

This remarkable news story has come from something which happens on a regular basis and is a reasonably ordinary occurrence; a giraffe giving birth. Furthermore, this is April’s fourth pregnancy, and while nothing particularly remarkable is happening, Utopia Creations notes this has not stopped the creative team at Animal Adventure Park conjure up considerable interest from animal lovers everywhere.

  1. Utilise the tools you have at your fingertips.

Animal Adventure Park has taken full advantage of the evolution of social media platforms and the power of the mass sharing of live-stream feeds, using these methods to reach millions of consumers. They have also implemented marketing methods such as creating an app, GiraffeMoji available from the App Store for $1.99 and pushing for donation to the organisation’s GoFundMe page. The total currently stands at $61,000.

  1. Start before you’re “ready.”

Utopia Creations is acutely aware of the importance of timing, and the crucial role timing plays in the successful execution of a campaign. The marketing team behind this fantastic stunt have now generated such a huge amount of public interest in April the Giraffe and the park she resides at; they can almost guarantee full attendance on the Zoo’s official opening day on 13th May.