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3 Steps to feeling good about yourself according to Utopia Creations

Sales and marketing firm Utopia Creations believes that if a person feels good about themselves, they are on track for success.

Managing Director Rebecca Haigh has revealed the company’s three steps to feeling good about oneself in the hope that they can inspire the success of future leaders.

Confidence plays a vital role in the overall success of an entrepreneur. Not only does it enable individuals to take smart risks, which can lead to further opportunities but it also helps entrepreneurs build their networks and propel their leadership skills.

When a person is operating from this positive mindset and feels good about themselves, they are more likely to make rational decisions that benefit their business and contributes to their overall success.

Utopia Creations has devised three steps that they believe will help entrepreneurs feel good about themselves:

1)    What are you known for?

What words would people use to describe you? What do you want to be known as? Utopia Creations feel that once an individual can answer these questions, they should then be able to put steps into place to be known as this person and work on their personal brand.

2)    Work on negative self-talk

Managing Director, Rebecca Haigh believes that most people in the world talk in a negative way. They convince themselves that they can’t achieve their goals and put all their focus on the things they can’t control. She says “Instead of looking at all the negative aspects of a situation or things that are beyond your control, try and look at the things you can control instead. If you channel your energy into influencing positive changes, you are more likely to achieve your goals and find success.”

3) Make time for yourself

Utopia Creations found that most people feel that they don’t have enough time to carry out the tasks that they enjoy. The firm believes that there is a simple solution to this and it’s a problem that can easily be resolved with effective planning. They state that by waking up earlier and implementing a daily plan, an individual will have created more time to do things that make them happy.

Scientists recently studied the impact these three steps have on success and found that individuals who implemented these measures not only reached a greater level of success but also improved how they felt about themselves.

Based in Leeds, Utopia Creations are a sales and marketing firm that are passionate about creating personalised marketing campaigns. Their face to face approach enables them to create creative bespoke campaigns for the brands they represent.