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“Giving up? What’s giving up?” Asks Utopia Creations

Leeds-based sales and marketing firm, Utopia Creations has revealed why it is important to never give up by discussing the unique story of Conor McGregor with their contractors. 

Utopia Creations recently gave a presentation to staff and contractors on McGregor, discussing his early life, initial losses, and rise to the top as “The Notorious”. The talk aimed to inspire its audience never to give up, no matter the challenges thrown their way. Utopia Creations thinks the initial stages of McGregor’s career are a good lesson on why not to give up too early. They hope to motivate others by this message; “reaching your goals almost always involves overcoming adversity, but that doesn’t necessarily spell defeat.”

Connor McGregor, born in Dublin (1988), took up boxing at the age of twelve. Having trained under two-time Olympian Phil Sutcliffe, he became an All-Ireland boxing champion at youth level. It wasn’t until 2006 that he started training mixed martial arts. By the age of 18, McGregor had made his MMA debut, defeating Kieran Campbell by technical knockout in the first round. Following this fight, he signed professionally. Initially, McGregor’s fighting record was patchy, suffering some initial losses, for example against Artemij Sitenkov at his featherweight debut, as well as against Joseph Duffy after submitting to an arm-triangle choke. During this time, McGregor contemplated a different career path but was persuaded by his mother and coach John Kavanagh to continue pursuing mixed martial arts. It was a good thing he did – McGregor would go on to have an eight-fight win streak during 2011 and 2012 becoming at once the CWFC Featherweight and Lightweight champion. By early 2013, he signed with the UFC, the world’s most high-profile MMA promotion company.

McGregor hasn’t looked back since, becoming one of the UFC’s most prolific fighters, drawing in large crowds and high publicity every time he performs. His story makes him the perfect subject for Utopia Creations’ presentation. Managing Director, Rebecca Haigh, aligned McGregor’s rocky start with the obstacles faced by business professionals in the early stages of their career: “It’s important to become accustomed to adversity; it’s an inevitable characteristic of any goal or mission worth pursuing.”

Miss Haigh hopes the presentation went some way into installing a sense of pride, confidence and achievement in Utopia Creations’ contractors, as well as encouraging them to leave their comfort zone and pursue the most ambitious of their career goals. It is this same attitude that the marketing solutions agency takes with its development opportunities. Unlike many corporate counterparts, Utopia Creations looks past qualifications and experience and focusses on what matters – talent and ambition. They believe everyone deserves a chance to be brilliant and hope to lay the foundations for a bright future for ambitious individuals.